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SkyTag GPS Tracker Car Security

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Protect your Classic Car NOW!

Pretend, for a minute, that you’re a car thief. Given the choice between two cars – a brand new Landcover Defender and a 10-year-old model – which would you steal? While most of us non-thieves would pick the newer model, most car thieves wouldn’t, they are more likely to target old cars than new ones, since old cars tend to have outdated, easily avoidable security systems.

Car thieves think in terms of simplicity, not value, and most of their targets aren’t the luxurious, expensive cars you might expect them to be. Even if you think of your car as unremarkable and unlikely to be stolen, it could be a target. Normalcy is a great thing for thieves; it allows them to blend into the crowd after they’ve stolen your car and more easily avoid detection by the police.

Skytag GPS tracker is a proven, comprehensive stolen vehicle location service that can locate and track your vehicle anywhere in the World, within metres.

SkyTags Monitoring system is the only system to provide direct Police access to live, real time location data. This unique feature speeds up the recovery process and enables the Police to monitor the vehicle from a distance, reducing the chance of a high speed chase and damage to your vehicle.

Skytag Stolen Vehicle recovery on BBC Thief Trackers

How tracking helps

As well as tracking down stolen vehicles the system also helps to track down the thief. As a result 2,000 vehicle thieves have been caught red handed; tracking devices can mean the difference between having a stolen vehicle and its contents returned to you safe or having to file an insurance claim.

If Your Vehicle is Stolen

In the event of a theft you should contact the police and SKYTAG. Once SkyTag have the crime reference number, they will activate the tracking unit and contact the police to help them find your vehicle. Some SKYTAG products are automatically triggered by movement of your vehicle; in the case of unauthorised movement SkyTag require you to confirm you are not with the vehicle before activating the tracking unit.

How to fit Skytag

The skytag device is simple to install, for standard service and active monitoring it only requires a permanent live (12-24 volt) and an earth. Liveview requires the addition of an ignition switched live. The unit is the size of a computer mouse and can be located anywhere in the vehicle, working best with the minimum of metal around it. It will see through the skin of the vehicle with ease. Once fitted go to the registration link on the SkyTag website, complete the information and SkyTag will confirm the unit status.

Set Up Direct Debit

A direct debit form will be sent to you when the unit is dispatched, registered and when due for payment, to ensure continued service this needs to be filled in and emailed to SkyTag direct.

3 Levels of Cover:-

Standard tracking


Initial 3 months service included.

Standard service includes battery disconnect alerts, tracker battery low power alert
Monthly health check and email notification. Worldwide coverage.
24 hour crime line with police liaison to recover your vehicle.




Active monitoring 


Initial 3 months service included.

Standard service plus active movement alerts.

"Leisuresafe" is designed for leisure vehicles which are used 2-3 times a week, "LeisureSafe" is fully automatic with no requirement to remember to turn on or off. A bespoke zone is created where the vehicle is normally stored.
If the vehicle moves out of this zone during the protected hours, alerts are sent direct to your mobile phone, your landline, text and email.

"NightSafe" is designed for everyday use vehicles where you need protection during the vulnerable night hours.
Using a zone similar to "LeisureSafe" the system alerts leaving the "Safe Zone" during the armed period.




Live Tracking

Live Tracking has all the features of the active monitoring service with the addition of user designed zones,
speed alerts and the ability to log in from any internet enabled device and see the vehicle
updated every 5 mins with the ignition wired instillation, or every 20 mins with standard fitting.
"Liveview" service includes unlimited email alerts and 10 direct telephone alerts per week.




 Here at John Woods Motorcare we offer a fitting service for the SkyTag unit at a cost of £45.00+Vat.

Skytag can be DIY fitted by you personally in approx 20-30 minutes.


  • Model: SkyTag_GPS
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs
  • 99 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: SkyTag-GPS

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