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Millers Oils

Millers Oils develop, blend and sell an extensive range of quality products.

Energy efficient oils using Nanodrive low friction technology help drivers cut the cost of motoring, both by saving fuel and cutting engine wear - saving on repair costs.

See more on the Millers Oils automotive ranges here;

Designed to give high performance, long term engine protection, clean running engines, good fuel economy, reliability and longer engine life. Millers Oils aim is to make cars run better for longer.

Steady motorway driving, stop start school runs, the high power world of motorsport and the careful driving of a treasured classic car place different demands on engines and need different engine oil.

Whichever road today’s drivers take, Millers Oils have an oil for you, whether it is advanced engine oils, gearbox oils and fuel additives or something for everyday use.


We primarily carry stock from Millers Oil that is geared towards the Classic Car arena. If you are interested in a Millers Oil product and we do not have it listed here on the website, please contact with details of the product you require and we will contact you back with a competitive price and projected delivery ETA.

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