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MGZR Powerflex Bushes

Bush description Part Number Qty Req'd per MGZS Diagram Number Individual Retail Price Total Retail Price
Brake Reaction Bar Mount PFF63-401 2 1 £21.54 £43.08
Front Inner Track Control Arm Bush PFF63-402 2 2 £21.54 £43.08
Front Roll Bar Links PFF63-403 4 3 £15.19 £60.76
Front Anti Roll Bar Mounts 19mm PFF63-404-19 2 4 £12.65 £25.30
Front Anti Roll Bar Mounts 25mm PFF63-404-25 2 4 £12.65 £25.30
Gear Linkage Mount Rear PFF63-415 1 5 £12.65 £12.65
Gear Linkage Mount Front PFF63-416 1 6 £12.65 £12.65
Engine Mount Stabiliser (Large) PFF63-418 2 8 £16.46 £32.92
Engine Mount Stabiliser (Small) PFF63-419 2 9 £12.65 £25.30
Gearbox Mount Insert Kit PFF63-420 1 10 £16.46 £16.46
Rear Beam Mounting Bush PFR63-410 2 12 £25.36 £50.72




  • PFF63-418 and PFF63-419 suit both the Upper and Lower engine stabilisers, hence why it is listed as 2 per car for each bush. 
  • PFF63-416 fits manual PG1 type gearbox models only
  • PFF63-415 fits manual PG1 and IB5 type gearbox models only, not R65
  • Advisory - If fitting the Engine Stabilizer bushes (PFF63-418 or PFF63-418R and PFF63-419) to a diesel engined vehicle, an increase in noise and vibration is to be expected. This should be considered as a performance upgrade, not a standard replacement. 

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