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Service Intervals
Service Type A B A C
When is it Due? When Due 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years
15000 Miles 30000 Miles 45000 Miles 60000 Miles
Service Type A B A C
When is it Due? When Due 5 Years 6 Years 7 Years 8 Years
75000 Miles 90000 Miles 105000 Miles 120000 Miles


Whats involved with the different services?



MGF/TF Maintenance Schedule
Service Item A B C
Check Handbrake Operation And Adjust If Necessary. X X X
Check Lamps, Horns And System Warning Indicators X X X
Check Screen For Damage And Operation Of Wipers And Washers X X X
Check Seatbelt Operation, Seatbelts And Airbag Module Covers For Damage. X X X
Check Air Conditioning System Operation X X X
Lubricate Locks, Strikers, Latches, Door Hinges And Door Checks X X X
Lubricate Hood Pivot Points X X X
Check Battery Connections X X X
Check / Top Up Brake, Clutch And Screen Washer Fluid Levels X X X
Check Brake Servo Vacuum Pipe Condition X X X
Check Hoses/Connections For Leakage From Pressure Test Cooling System X X X
Check Anti-Freeze Content and Strength X X N/A
Replace Anti-Freeze Optional Optional 4yrs / 60k
Inspect Air Conditioning System Hoses And Sight Glass X X X
Check Auxiliary Drive Belts, Tension And Condition X X X
Replace Air Cleaner Element Optional X X
Replace Fuel Filter Optional Optional 4yrs / 60k
Replace Spark Plugs Optional Optional 4yrs / 60k
Check ECU For Fault Codes X X X
Replace Camshaft Drive Belt Optional Optional 4yrs / 60k
Replace Rear Camshaft Drive Belt VVC Only Optional Optional 4yrs / 60k
Replace Automatic Gearbox Oil Optional 2yrs / 30k X
Replace Manual Gearbox Oil 7yrs / 105k Optional Optional
Replace Engine Oil And Filter X X X
Check Wheel Bearings, Drive Shafts And Gaiters X X X
Check Wheels For Damage X X X
Check Tyres For Damage X X X
Check Front/Rear Brake Pads, Discs, Callipers, Hoses And Pipes For Wear X X X
Check For Leaks From Fuel, Clutch, Transmission, And Engine X X X
Inspect Exhaust System And Heat Shields. X X X
Inspect Suspension And Steering Systems For Leaks X X X
Replace Brake Fluid - CHARGED SEPARATELY Optional 2yrs / 30k X
Apply Anti-Seize Compound To Wheel X X X
Check Tyre Pressures X X X
Annual Corrosion/Cosmetic Inspection X X X
Carry Out Road Test X X X

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